An open-source E-mail program for all your needs

With Zimbra we do not just implement and configure an open-source mail and group ware solution like any other. But see by yourself the advantages Zimbra bring for you.

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Professional features of Zimbra

The administrator console in Zimbra

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The administration often will be accomplished with the web-based administrator, configuration is very easy, ranging from setting up the e-mail server to account management and group settings.

With the diagramming options, you will get a quick overview of all activities.

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The web client in Zimbra

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Here you will quickly find your way through the intuitive user interface. Your data will be stored and transmitted in real time over a steady internet connection. From here you can access all the innovative features of Zimbra: Contacts, Calender, Tasks, File Manager, Settings and of course yours Mails.

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The mobile web client in Zimbra

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Sync your entire mailbox with your mobile devices. They are used by the presentation on smartphone, tablet and co.
be surprised.

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The Offline-Web-Client in Zimbra

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You don't have a internet connection right now? No problem for Zimbra.
What else can you use to view and even reply to your mails offline?

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The Zimbra connectors and Zimlets

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Zimbra supports connectors to Microsoft Outlook and Apple, so they can be connected.
Zimlets are extensions for Zimbra that can be installed as needed.

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Do you want to implement Zimbra?

As a professional Zimbra provider, we are happy to advise you

in detail to all Zimbra editions, for example the Open Source edition.