Odoo Apps

Please find below an overview about Odoo-Apps.
We are happy to develop your customized app according your business requirements.

Odoo is flexible and modular. As a business suite, Odoo allows you to adjust all apps according to your special needs. You can customize everything from front-end to business processes like project management, staff management (HR) , finance, CRM and many more.

Die Liste an verfügbaren Apps wächst täglich und liegt bis dato bei knapp über 10.500. Grund hierfür ist auch die Unterstützung einer großen Community aus Odoo Partnern und Entwicklern, die täglich neue Odoo Module entwickeln. Aus diesen Odoo Modulen können Sie diejenigen auswählen, die Sie für Ihr Unternehmen nutzen möchten und Ihr individuelles Odoo anpassen. Dies macht die Odoo Konfiguration zu einem Kinderspiel.  

This powerful tool will also help your company to manage and optimize your business processes and give you a more detailed overview about your company. Due to strong and experienced partners like IT IS, the use of Odoo is growing worldwide.

Odoo-Apps for websites and sales


With the CMS of Odoo (former OpenERP) you can create beautiful websites easily and edit pages with a few clicks. Features:

  • innovative CMS-System
  • powerful, individual website easy to edit and adjust
  • edit content directly on the website with the inline-editor
  • responsive-Design (for phones and tablets)
  • multi language websites
  • designer friendly templates
  • foating raster layout
  • professional designs (themes)

With this CMS you can create impressive and beautiful websites which are ready to use immediately. With the optimization for google you will create more visitors.


Optimize your sales with a strong online-shop

  • open source e-Commerce
  • clear product sites
  • increase income per order
  • google analytics integration
  • open new markets
  • create own catalogues
  • win new customers
  • social media support
  • reseller network
  • structured sales process
  • also possible: interface to shop solutions (e.g. Magento), direct link to website (Joomla!)


Tell what you think with the Odoo-Blog. Create your blog entries, contact visitors, translate content and manage social media.

  • open source blogging-plattform
  • professional translations
  • twitter and comment
  • google analytics integration
  • SEO optimized blog entries
  • user management and rights


Discover a fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and increase your sales success.

  • generate and manage leads
  • sales planning
  • integration of social network
  • e-Mail integration
  • meetings and shared agenda
  • marketing campaigns
  • dashboard with statistics


Use templates to create professional quotes in no time.

  • send quotes online
  • electronic signature


The POS-solution for trade.

  • user friendly POS-solution
  • no additional costs for
    upgrading of hardware
  • online and offline
  • included warehouse stock management

Odoo-Apps for business management and marketing

Project management

With the project management you'll have more than just a modern project organization - you also create a project specific transfer of know-how and development of your business.

  • real-time project management
  • shared tasks
  • linked to resources and timesheets
  • e-Mail integration
  • support

Electronic Invoices and Payment

Create invoices quick and easily.

  • send professional invoices
  • quick payment of invoices
  • data transfer with you bank
  • analyze sales and costs


Accounting quite simple: easy and efficient collaboration with your book-keeper, your customers and suppliers.

  • intuitive user interface
  • simplified teamwork
  • efficient payment order    
  • integration purchase
  • integration sales
  • analytic accounting
  • scalable

Warehouse Management

revolutionary storage system with double-entry accounting

  • dispatch
  • tracking-numbers
  • drop shipping
  • cross docking
  • fulfillment
  • multi-level picking
  • loading equipment (pallets, boxes, container)
  • multicompany
  • FIFO/LIFO/FEFO/average
  • serial no. / charge
    / loose / lot
  • scalable, millions of data

Production planning

Plan and organize an effective and lean production with the full integration of your customized processes.

  • production processes and steps
  • just-in-time production
  • time and resource planning
  • warehouse and production analysis
  • integration sales and accouting


Automate your procurement by your own rules and simplify your purchase.

  • automated procurement requests
  • direct connection
  • e-Mail integration
  • importing suppliers price lists
  • check of product receipt and invoices


Take advantage of the internal mail system for all your correspondence within purchase, sales, project management, production planning and your CRMs

  • Marketing e-mail campaigns
  • personal e-mails
  • e -mail templates
  • increase conversion rate
  • lead database
  • chat tool
  • campaign dashboard
  • integration website forms (lead database)
  • integration CRM

Live Chat

Odoo offers online chat with customers and website visitors in real time.
  • real-time chat
  • pop-up chat window


Create in a few clicks online surveys - quickly and easily.

  • open source online, no loss of information
  • real-time results and charts
  • direct insight into your sales
  • user-friendly interface

Lead Automation

The Odoo- module " lead automation" automatically offers created lLeads in marketing campaigns.

  • create your own e-mail marketing campaigns
  • campaign statistics


Manage your events and automate registration.

  • events with registrations
  • e-Mail integration
  • automatic receipts


The Community module offers different ways in which you can build and strengthen your community.

  • forum
  • newsletter tool

Odoo-Apps for human resource management and productivity enhancement

Human Resources

Organize your human resources as you want - tailored to your needs.

  • employment contracts
  • payroll accouting
  • streamline recruitment
  • know- how transfer and top-down processes
  • presence, working hours and absences
  • vacation and sick absences
  • employee expenses
  • performance appraisals
  • objectives, awards and leaderboards

Social Enterprise Network

An own social network for your business.

  • in conjunction with experts
  • follow the information that interest you
  • work more efficiently
  • propose solutions and ideas
  • streamline access to information and knowledge
  • safety first with exchange of information
  • a social network for your company - such as Twitter


Odoo 's open source modules allow you to organize your jobs.

  • manage recruitment procedures
  • publish job offers on job portals
  • integrated surveys


  • manage your expenses online
  • management control
  • manage multiple users
  • integration in calendar


Track futher education and training of your employees. Write awards and keep track of the professional development of your employees.

Fleet management

Experience excellent fleet management.
Keep track of all your fleet operations.

Operating results and analyzes

Design your own dashboards, create KPIs and more.


With this functionality you can export/import data from your software directly into the Odoo-platform.


  • Daten importieren/exportieren
  • externe Programme anbinden


Instant Messaging

Exchange ideas with other employees in real-time on current topics, tips, questions about work processes and establish the know-how in your company.

  • Live-Chat
  • direct connection


Increase the motivation of your employees.

  • challenges
  • reward system


Allows you to create internal groups / mailing lists

  • send internal emails
  • specific groups for specific projects
  • public mailing lists


Create your personal to-do lists and share them in meetings with your colleagues in order to make cooperation more efficient.