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CeBIT 2017

Weniger Besucher, aber viele interessante Gespräche...

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Los geht's auf der CeBIT Welcome Night

Nach der Anreise und dem Aufbau unseres Standes in Halle 6 ging es für uns zur CeBIT Welcome Night. Wichtige Persönlichkeiten wie die CEOs von Hitachi und Bitkom, Bundesministerin Wanka, der Premierminister des diesjährigen Partnerlandes Japan und die deutsche Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel sprachen über die diesjährige CeBIT.

Erwartungen, Hoffnungen und Zukunftsaussichten in der Technik waren zentrale Themen. Die Verunsicherung vieler Menschen in der Digitalisierung wurde ebenfalls mahnend erwähnt. Aber die Chancen sollten genutzt werden, und die Verbreitung der Digitalisierung ist ein großes politisches Ziel.

Danach konnten Geschäftskontakte bei einem Plausch beim anschließenden Essen gepflegt werden.

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Live-Demos von Odoo, Alfresco und Zimbra

Beim Start der Messe am Montag starteten die Mitarbeiter der IT IS AG voller Elan in die Messewoche. Mit einigen Mitausstellern liegt unser Stand auf dem Gemeinschaftsstand der Bayern Innovativ an einer der Hauptverkehrsadern der Halle 6 und gehört somit zu den bestbesuchtesten Ständen.

Viele Interessierte der 200.000 Besucher besuchten uns dort, um sich über unsere ausgestellten Produkte Odoo, Alfresco und Zimbra zu informieren. Diese führen wir in Live-Demos vor. Unsere Mitarbeiter nahmen sich für jeden Interessenten Zeit, seine Fragen in einem Einzelgespräch zu beantworten und direkt am System vorzuführen.


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Allabendliche Veranstaltungen

Einige Aussteller organisierten auf Ihrem Stand-Partys nach der eigentlichen Messe.

So auch am Montag die Gemeinschaftsstände Nordrheinwestfalens und der Schweiz. Bei grandioser Live-Musik konnten Aussteller und eingeladene Besucher nicht nur auf der Tanzfläche Spaß haben, sondern auch networken, kulinarische Köstlichkeiten genießen.

Außerdem konnten wir uns vom mehrfachen deutschen Meister im Tischfußball Johannes Kirsch Kicker-Tips geben lassen. Leider halfen die Ratschläge nur bedingt im anschließenden Match, bei dem unsere Mitarbeiter aber immerhin doch zwei Gegentore erzielen konnten.


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Der Bayern-Tag

Am Mittwoch war Bayern-Tag auf dem Stand der Bayern Innovativ.

Tagsüber lockte ein original niederbayerisches Blasmusik-Quartett die Ohren der Besucher zum Stand. In zünftiger Tracht setzten wir unser Motto auch abends bei der Bayern-Party fort.

Staatssekretär Albert Füracker, der Vorstand der Deutsche Messe AG, Dr. Wolfram v. Fritsch und der Geschäftsführer von Bayern Innovativ, Dr. Rainer Seßner sprachen zu den geladenen Gästen und eröffneten die Party. Bei einem Bier und bayerischen Brez'n unterhielten sich Aussteller und Industriegrößen aus Bayern und anderen Ländern.

Our article for the CeBIT 2017

"The best open-source solutions for your digital business"

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An article about the one fitting system

CeBIT has published our article about the search for a suitable system on their page. 

Read the article

Odoo Experience 2016

5 to 7 October, Belgium - a review

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Odoo Experience 2016

The Odoo Experience 2016 in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium was for 3 days under the sign of Odoo 10. The Odoo Experience was a phenomenal success with lots of information, with 2500 experts and over 150 presentations.

The top topics besides Odoo 10, were upgrades and new apps. IT IS also introduced the free module IT IS odoo tools at odoo experience. In another lecture, the new version of IT IS Odoo Alfresco was announced and demonstrated.

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Free Business Software ODOO shows amazing maturity

News release in Computer Week

Report on ODOO in Computer Week 

Open source enterprise solutions there have always been, the success remained manageable. With the complete package ODOO, the ERP, CRM, ECM, project planning and offers more, a silver lining on the horizon shows.

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Open and free - document management withAlfresco and odoo

DMS solution of IT IS AG

In many companies the biggest problem is a complex document storage, Whereby important documents are saved by their employees on local computers, network drives or even in e-mails. In addition, no corresponding agreement find instead of the documents. Business critical documents such as contracts, offers, invoices or normal correspondence are difficult to find or are no longer available. However, the structured filing of these documents is crucial for the efficiency and success of a company. Moreover, there is in Germany, the corporate commitment principles to ensure the maintenance and preservation of books, records and documents in electronic form and data access" (GoBD). 

Alfresco is a common, professional and open source platform for document management. Odoo is the most common open-source ERP system. So what is more, as the two systems purposeful to combine? Both technologies are based on adaptable and future-proof and together for a large part of the company needs.

With IT IS odoo alfresco you get a web-based Document Management, Which is quite easy is use. This is supported primarily by the integration of documents and reports your ODOO-ERP system, but also by the central controller of the storage structure from the customer data or projects, which have their origin in Odoo. The IT IS module allows you to manage critical business documents, meetings, and tasks in a smart and simple manner.

In addition to versioning documents and auto-archiving, dynamic settings of the folder structure are also available. Through the web-based software, you can access your business system and your documents anywhere from various devices and always having access to the latest versions of the files.

The structured storage will simplify the collaboration of the employees and increase the efficiency of your company.

Find instead of search - with the document management system Alfresco and Odoo.

You can also find more information about our module here

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ODOO Enterprise - Promotions Migration

Odoo Migration Community and Odoo-Enterprise V9

ODOO Enterprise - Promotions Migration

Promotions 01Mrz2016 bis 01Mai2016

The ODOO Enterprise Treaty provides that ODOO 50% surcharge on annual fees for migrating gecoverten versions calculated (the 2 previous versions). Many partners have in this regard for a clear procedure for migrating from previous versions. These were defined as follows:

Version Surcharge (migration fee) for the first year:
< 5.0      to be checked by ODOO - Analysis liable for payment
5.0         200% the annual fee
6.0         150% the annual fee
6.1         100% the annual fee
7 & 8      50% the annual fee

To support the migration of Community Enterprise V9, ODOO has a Promotions for Partners of 01Mrz2016 bis 01May2016 launched :
Migration fees = 0 on a 3-year contract and payment before 01May2016.
For the special offer for a minimum number of 5 licenses is required per project.

We are at your available for questions.

Contact IT IS AG

Odoo 9 - The free and secure alternative for business customers

IT IS introduces Odoo 9

For entrepreneurs, financial managers and IT leaders, there are the issues of our time:
1. The uncertainty about Spying and listening methods, especially by the US government.
2. The problem of the practiced by the major ERP vendors is"vendor lock-in's",the need to force the software with all the disadvantages for its customers.
3. To be the increasing conscripting for companies to move their goods management in the cloud and thus helpless with points 1 and 2 and other forces.

All this leads to a strong interest for alternative options in the field of IT and Software. For IT IS, this is in the form of the free enterprise software odoo. This system, developed by thousands of resourceful minds, is not only qualitative and functional, it is on an equal footing with commercial systems, offering not only considerable advantages, but a suitable solution. ODOO is a license-free and fully integrated modular enterprise system for the representation of all typical business processes ...

Read the full press release

Solutions for Business

Odoo Version 9 for PowerLinux-basierte Systeme

Reports of IT IS AG 

In the edition of February of Solutions for Business, an article to ODOO was 9 published for Power Linux-based systems, which has arisen from the press tour of IT IS and ODOO.

The full article can here see.

Link: http://epaper.sol4bus.de/ausgabe-powerlinuxfebruar-2016/open-source-erp/

Here we offer you the products at as a pdf download.

pdf-Download - Odoo 9 für PowerLinux-basierte Systeme

For further questions on the subject, we are happy to help you.

Reliability, security, flexibility andpredictable costs

with Open Sourcesoftware, you also gaincontrol over your investment

As an IT manager of a company, you are always faced the challenge of making the right decision. Criteria are, of course, the security for the company, acceptance of employees for a solution, long-term stability and availability of support and also the total cost. Today's open source developments good score in many areas because the openness and the large number of developers / consultants help to illustrate the essential elements of the requirements of high quality. 

Take Odoo, for example : This is a business system that monitors all aspects of your business and their processes in just one system. ODOO offers a vast range of functions, which is known from "large" ERP systems.

Another advantage: Odoo is license-free! As an OpenSource application, Odoo can be adapted to the individual needs of a company with little effort. Thus, Odoo, adapted to your individual business model, will be a sensible investment in the digital future of the company. With the release of ODOO 9 there is first a separation of Community and Enterprise Edition. But even with the community edition, you already have a complete and impressive business system. Both versions work according to the open-source model, which means that the source code is also open to you and you have complete control over your system. However the Enterprise version offers a wider range of features compared to the Community edition, which brings many advantages, but not only for large companies ...

Read the full press release

IT IS AG - Provider of Odoo 9, DMS and Hosting

News release on it-business.de

IT IS AG - providers for Odoo Open-Source-ERP

About IT IS and ODOO, an article was published on it-business.de, which deals with the following areas:

Odoo 9 - implementation of Odoo-Business-Systems 

Construction and hosting of ERP environment by IT IS, as well as resellers as multipliers. Extension and adaptation of web-based enterprise software through the use of modules, and expand services, for example in the field of consultancy and training.

Document Management

By IT IS ODOO Alfresco module a simple structure your document filing is possible. More about IT IS Odoo Alfresco Module.

Hosting in its own data center

Fail-safe hosting the German data center at the headquarters of IT IS AG in Landshut with selection of different hosting packages for your business software.

More Information about hosting, see here.

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For questions or advice, we are happy to help you.

Odoo 9 for Enterprise and Community

News reports in Linux Magazine

Odoo 9 in Linux Magazine

Odoo 9 in Linux Magazine 

With the new version 9 of ODOO there the first time an enterprise and a community edition of the open-source solution.

The Enterprise edition is available exclusively via the partner of ODOO. The Community Edition is licensed under the LGPL for download. About the new version, the Linux Magazine has published a report.

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Alfresco-App for Odoo9

IT IS Odoo - Alfresco Update

Alfresco-App for Odoo9

We migrated our Alfresco-App to the latest tecnical version for Odoo9. Our app for integration of Alfresco in Odoo for managing your business-critical documents is now available for Odoo 9!

Learn more about our App and the features here.

Talk to us - we are pleased to show your the functionality in a webcast or on site.

Contact  IT IS

Odoo 9

Odoo 9 – discover the new version

Odoo 9 – discover the new version

You`re already using Odoo and interested in further information about an update to the latest version? You`re not using Odoo so far, but you`re interested and wondering, which version would make sense for your business? Find a short summary of the most important features here: .

Odoo 8 or 9?

Odoo 8 has already been tested in practice and – besides it`s standard modules - offers multiple additional modules of different providers. Version 9 may not be finished entirely regarding all possible additional modules, but with it`s numerous new functions, it might attract you to switch to Version 9.

New design & navigation

Thanks to further revisions, Odoo9 satisfies it`s user with an user-optimized operation and an attractive outfit. Navigation has been adjusted, in order to make the most important parts even more accessible, than you might know from version 8.


Several new features of the integrated content-management-system combined to an absolute user-optimized handling make creating your own webpage a quick and easy going action.

CRM and Sales

CRM & Sales

New functions have been implemented in the customer-relationship-management. Thanks to this, you`ll be able to support your sales department with a better overview concerning your sales-activities. Improvements of the applications for price lists as well as the management of sales processes grant more efficiency in your sales department.

Enterprise or Community?

Starting with version9, Odoo differs between the Community-Edition and the Enterprise-Edition. Besides the included features, the number of users is also crucial.

So what`s to consider about an upgrade?

Latest technologies and additional features are valid arguments for an upgrade. But please consider specific adjustments or extensions, existing in your current version. Make sure, that these features are compatible to the new version. Existing Addons or adjustments in your current version, may have to be upgraded to the new version, in case you really want to upgrade to version 9.

Which version is the best one?

This question can`t be answered across-the-board and always depends on your individual requirements and conditions. Let us help you to make a decision. We`ll support you regarding unsolved questions and possible solutions.
So what`s to consider about an upgrade?