Online survey software -Reviews by your employees on a regular basis

Odoo's open source evaluation module allows you to get your employees' motivation alive by performing employee reviews at regular intervals. Continuous assessment by your staff brings forward your business.


Making the correct assessment grid

Evaluate the answers your employees through surveys. Prepare your own templates before or choose from one of our examples. Manage multiple forms of evaluation: from top to bottom, from bottom to top, self-evaluations and the final evaluation by the respective managers. Evaluations can also be created by employees themselves. For example for their colleagues or superiors.


Easily create your own survey

The online evaluation module allows you to easily create their own survey. With our form editor allows you to add questions, edit pages and devise useful surveys. To get the best answers from your staff. Save templates according to your needs.


Test your survey before sending

ODOO allows you to test surveys before sending them. Show your survey before your supervisor to get the green light.


Create evaluation plans

The evaluation is based on a plan with several requests. Each survey can be answered by a single department. The final evaluation is done by the respective managers.
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At the right time at the right place

Meeting requests, depending on the evaluation plan of the employee, automatically created by ODOO. Each user will periodically be prompted to create an evaluation of its respective counterparts.

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Tracking and analysis

See the status of a survey (answered or still open).

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Calendar view

Send your staff reminders based on your planned evaluations, which are visible in the calendar view.

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Export your answers

Each filled evaluation can be saved by clicking the PDF.